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Faithlife Corporation
SoundFaith provides pastors, church staff, and leaders access to high-quality sermon content and professional church media.
SoundFaith gives pastors a platform to archive sermon texts and audio, so you can share them with others or reference them for future sermons.
SoundFaith lets you:
Upload unlimited sermon transcripts to create a robust archive to share with your congregation, use as a reference in the future, and help other pastors just like you
Search an expanding library of over 5,000 pieces of church media you can use in your sermons
(For Proclaim users) Upload your sermon audio and slides in sync, the moment you finish preaching
Discuss your sermon content with other pastors and church leaders
Access, download, and share content on the web, from any computer, without downloading any software
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Grow in the Light
SoundFaith is a part of Faithlife Corporation. Faithlife uses technology to equip the church to grow in the light of the Bible. The Faithlife team is committed to increasing biblical literacy and accessibility for every Christian around the world.