Job 5

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Job part 5

Chapter 19

1-3:     How much longer?

4-5:     Job’s sin is his own, not thiers.

7:        No one is listening! (Vs. 23-24)

8-22:   Job appears to be bitter, but only if you don’t read the rest of the chapter.

13-18: Everyone (family and friends) has forsaken Job.

25:      A living savior!

26:      Resurrection theology. It would appear from the Bible that at the time that Job was written, resurrection was unheard of.

*This speaks to Job’s extraordinarily close relationship to God. The fact that Job would have any notion of a resurrection is remarkable.

29:      Judge not, Lest ye be judged (Matthew 7:1-2).

*This judgement refers to condemnation and a determination of right and wrong based on your own authority. (We are not the judge of right and wrong, only God is). Judgment based on anything but the Word of God is wrong, and invites judgment on ourselves based on those same standards.

            *It is okay and expected to point out sin, if there is a legitimate reason.

*The purpose and motive should always be to strengthen and restore, not to tear down and condemn. (Job 16:1-5)

            *Are your words constructive or destructive?            

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