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Nehemiah 1

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I.         About Nehemiah:

            A.        He has a good name, Nehemiah = “consolation of Jehovah”

            B.        He was a great man, the king’s cupbearer. (1:11)

            C.        He was a prayerful man. (1:4-5)

            D.        He was a cheerful man. (2:1)

            E.        He was wise.

            F.        He was diplomatic.

            G.        He was persistent.

            H.        He was an able leader.

            I.         He was a patriot.

            J.         He was unselfish.

II.        The wall: (1:3)

            A.        A symbol of salvation, (Isaiah 60:18)

            B.        A symbol of strength.

III.       Not too big for tears: (1:4)

            A.        Every believer ought to weep over defenseless and powerless Christians

IV.      God keeps His covenant: (1:5)

            A.        Psalm 89:34; Dan 3:4

V.        Confession secures forgiveness, restores fellowship: (1:6)

            A.        The Prodigal son (Luke 15:11-24)

            B.        The Pharisee and the publican (Luke 18:9-14)

            C.        1 John 1:9

VI.      A nation born in a day: (1:9)

            A.        In 1948, Israel was restored again. God still has plans for the restoration of Israel.

VII.     Loving Loyalty: (1:11)

            A.        He was loyal in his service to the king (cupbearer)

            B.        He was loyal in his service to his nation.

            C.        He was loyal in his service to his people.

            D.        He was loyal in his service to God.

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