Romans 1:8-17

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Romans 1:8-17

V.8:     Paul is thankful for the saints.

-They were, undoubtedly, accomplishing much for Christ, as there faith was known worldwide.

V.9:     Paul earnestly prays for them. We should follow this example.

V.10:   Paul prays also for a prosperous journey to Rome. He has a strong desire to go to Rome and meet these saints.

V.11:   Paul was ambitious. He saw God working, and wanted to be a part of it.

            -Paul wanted to have an influence on these people.

            -We should be ambitious for Christ, to reach as many people as possible.

V.12:   Even Paul needed the comfort and encouragement of other believers.

            -We were not designed to go through life alone, that is not what God intended.

V.13:   Paul reiterates his strong desire to visit Rome.

V.14:   Love all people, don’t play favorites.

-“Barbarians” = The Greeks called anyone who did not use the Greek or Latin language barbarians.

V.15:   Paul preached with all his strength, we should give nothing less to God. 

            -Paul went to Rome, not to change Rome, but to convert individuals.

            -Many churches today are just social clubs, rather than soul winning organisms.

            -We would rather socialize and do good works, than preach the Gospel.

V.16:   Paul was not ashamed of the Gospel, it is “power.”

-“power” = (du’namis/Greek) the word from which we get dynamite. “Effective ability to accomplish an intended purpose.”

V.17:   Quoted from Habakkuk 2:4.

            -Justification is by faith.

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