God's Tender Moments

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God’s Tender Moments   John 21:1-19 

EBC    6/28/09

  Intro: John had been faithful in worshiping with other believers for many years.  Then he became lax and stopped coming to the services.  The pastor was burdened for his spiritual welfare, so one day he called in his home.  The man invited him in and offered him a chair by the fire.  The Pastor mentioned to John how much missed seeing him in the worship services.  The man replied that he was saved and saw no need to go to church.  He felt that he could worship just fine at home.

  For several long moments they sat in silence and watched the burning embers.  Then, taking the tongs, the pastor removed a hot coal and laid it by itself on the hearthstone.  As it began to cool, its red glow soon faded. The man, who had been expecting a verbal rebuke, quickly caught the message.

  Today, I would like to speak directly to those who aren’t as close to the Lord today as you should be.  Maybe the things of God aren’t as sweet as they used to be.  Maybe there isn’t a hot, burning love for the Lord, His house, His Word and His people like there used to be.  Maybe even your church attendance has become a thing of drudgery and toil.  My duty today is to tell you that it does not have to stay way!  Jesus Christ is still the Friend of the fallen today.

  In our text today, we are told about a face to face confrontation between Jesus and Peter.

I. The Purpose of the Moment

  A. To confront failure (Matt. 26:69-75)

    1. The place of his failure- Peter was in the wrong place altogether. Peter had said he would never abandon the Lord but the time came when all the disciples (Peter included) abandoned the Lord.

       a. V.58- Peter decides to follow the Lord but follow him “afar off”. He even denies that he knows the Lord.

       b. Essentially all backsliding begins the 1. stop reading our Bibles, stop praying. However it begins it will lead into the same place.

        c. Being in the wrong place is dangerous just ask David.

      2. The pain of failure- when Peter denied the Lord he went out and wept bitterly. He knew he was wrong- he was a miserable man.

        a. So it is with every man that walks away from God. We soon realize that sin brings pain and suffering.

           1. Prov. 13:15-

        b. Sin is a thief and robber. It steals beauty and effectiveness. If sin doesn’t make you miserable then you probably aren’t saved.

      3. The price of failure- he felt a loss of peace and fellowship.

  B. To confront foolishness

      1. The choices he made (John 21:3)- Peter decided to return to his old way of life.

        a. 2 Peter 1:5-9-

        b. People who are out of God’s will always make the wrong choices. They always make decisions based on fleshly motives rather than spiritual ones. Have you lost your ability to hear the spirit. He is your moral compass- and failure to follow him will result in disaster.

     2. The companions he kept- when Peter went back to his old life he took others with him. Have you ever noticed that sin loves company. You get cold towards the Lord and before long the entire family is in the sane shape.

     3. The consequences he felt- he and his cronies fished all night and never caught a thing. This is the way it works for those in sin- all own works come to naught. We are reminded that we are totally dependant upon the Lord for all own needs.

II. The Provision of the Moment (John 21:4-17)

  A. Jesus found Peter (4-7)

    1.After the sin and a return to the old life and a night a failure Jesus stepped back into the picture. (Jesus had been in charge of the failure)

    2. What a difference Jesus makes.

      a. v.5- first step of return – admitting failure.

      b. v.6- second step of return- obedience.

  B. Jesus fed Peter (9-14) when Peter and the disciples they found everything they need- they found food, warmth and fellowship. They found a savior who loved them dn who had all the provisions they needed.

     1.Luke 15:20- son found a looking father, love, compassion, forgiveness. I am telling you if you return to the Lord today you will find this and more waiting for you.

  C. Jesus freed Peter (15-17)

     1. In these verses we find the Lord re-commissioning Peter  for service. I’m sure that Peter felt that his ministry was gone after all he had denied Jesus.

     2. The same will be true for you today if you return to him and humbleness and repentance. He will put you back on the battlefield today. (Nick and Linda- feel not worthy of his service).

  Conc. Jesus stands ready today to receive you. What will it be backslidden Christian chastisement of repentance

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