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Father's Day 2009

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·                    Protects—safe

·                    Trains how to fight—defend in life

·                    How to advance

·                    Provides for

o       Peace


·                    Favor—love

·                    Every stage of life

·                    Enjoys the uniqueness of each child

·                    Creativity—freedom to develop

Instructs—mentors in life

·                    Teaches how to PLAY—joy—on the floor—in the field

·                    Sets boundaries

·                    Crosses your will

·                    Disciplines—enforces boundary

·                    Releases—sends out

Motive behind it all

·                    Love

Imparts identity

·                    Carry the name of your father

·                    Wear it on your life

·                    Inheritance—part of family line


·                    Points you in a direction

·                    Celebrates your discovery


·                    Shares from journey

·                    Humility—

o       Lets see weak places

o       Learn from our mistakes

o       Even Jesus—though perfect—allowed the disciples to see him cry—struggle in the garden

o       When I see I’m not the only weak one

o       Life is accessible

o       When trapped in macho lie—

§        Who can ever measure up?

§        So I wear a mask

·                    Trains you to be Protector

Imparts into you His Father HEART

·                    Values

·                    Instincts

·                    You can do just about whatever you want

·                    Just check in periodically

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