Prayer - Tongues (A different language)

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Prayer – Tongues (a different language)

1 Corinthians 14



  • How do you feel about tongues - speaking
  • Amazing Race
    • Dumped into another country
  • Croc – I felt this way at times
  • English language
    • International Prayer


What are tongues?

  • I am no expert at all
    • There definitely is a mystery to this
  • What are your thoughts – groups


What comes to mind with tongues?

  • Acts 2 – tongues of fire
  • 1 Co 12:10gifts of One Spirit
  • Mk 16:17Great commission (full gospel)


What should we know about tongues?

  • Verses in context – things were out of hand...
  • Vs 5a – Paul wanted all to speak
    • I would like every one of you to speak in tongues
  • He saw value in tongues
    • I had to ask myself why not me...




What I have learned...

  1. Spiritual gift from God – 12:10 to another speaking in different kinds of tongues
    • Spiritual gifts can be learned or developed (hospitality, giving, etc.)
  • Tongues are no different
    • Fuller – study on this (40% gift dumped) The rest learn it by practice*
  • Problem with this – why am I doing this?
    • Spiritual Piety
    • Paul did encourage us to seek these gift out (Vs 1 – eagerly desire)
    • Talked to several people – praying for it, practicing it (mystery why some and not others


  1. It might seem out there...
    • But whose problem is that... God or yours
  • Paul says this...
    • Edify the church – one another (middle of Vs 5 but I would rather have you prophesy)
    • Paul is not putting down tongues, he is putting down the way they are using it
  • Paul valued prophecy more Vs 1 eagerly desire gifts, especially prophecy...
    • He did both – edification was the key here


  1. Where does this put me?
    • Tongues might bring you closer to God, but not literally – sinner saved by grace
      • 1 Co 12:29Negative or Not (NIV rhetorical)
    • Tongues might help your prayer life
    • Maybe this opens up a new world
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