Social Networking… And Christianity

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Lesson 2: Social Networking... and Parenting


A. Stats and trends:

  1. There are more than 400 Social networking sites on the internet today.
  2. The fastest growing of these sites: Facebook, with more than 250 million active users; 5th largest population worldwide with continued exponential growth.
  3. The average user spends more than 26 minutes a day on Facebook alone.

B. So, what does Social networking have to do with Christianity?

  1. Sermons: exhorting/warning of the potential ills associated with T.V., books, music.
  2. The difference with social networking: social interactivity.
  3. In essence it is “real” relationships via the virtual world.

C. In this short 2 sermon series:

  1. We look at how social networking is affecting us and what we can do about it.
  2. Our second lesson looks at the parent/child ramifications of social networking and related responsibilities.

Potential Ills

A. It Is Addicting

  1. At first everything seems overwhelming:
    • It is shiny (new): learning how to navigate through the website.
    • It is exciting: keeping track of all your “new” friends; learning how to make posts with the various options.
    • After your successful writing (“blog” or “post”) there is typical anxiety to see who has viewed/responded to your post(s).
  2. Then, you become a “pro” or “veteran”.
  3. Eventually for some the whole experience consumes your mind, time, energy.
  4. Like anything else: some aren’t addicted, others are…and to varying degrees.

B. It Encourages Egocentrism

  1. Christians (aka people who needed to be saved from their sins) – have a biblical need to rid self and gain Christ.
  2. While social network is about relationships much of the focus is posting about me (“MySpace”); concept of Twitter.

C. A Breeding Ground for Gossip

  1. Social Networking posts are typically spontaneous writings.
  2. There are various instances when people simply type-and-hit-ENTER.
  3. While some posts are deleted…many are left for the world to see your true fleshly nature. Prov. 18:7; Prov. 20:19a

What We Can Do About it

A. Sin lies at the door…its desire is for you… you must rule over it. cp. Gen. 4:7

B. Determine to only have one Master… and Facebook is not it. Matt. 6:24; 1 Cor. 6:12; 2 Pet. 2:19

C. If your right hand (social network) causes you to sin cut it off (cancel your account). Matt. 5:30

D. Current relationships can be enhanced in the same way we use the phone or mail.

E. Use the Golden Rule online: Love God and your neighbor (spiritual netiquette). Matt. 22:37-40

F. Ultimately, create posts that praises God or encourages others to praise Him. 1 Cor. 10:31


A. If you are going to be involved with Social Networking, use it to God’s glory.

B. Realize and fulfill your walk with Christ in all things you do. Col. 3:17

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