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Final Instructions: Live the Good Life

Notes & Transcripts

Today, the primary worldview competing with the Christian faith is a philosophy called Postmodernism.  It's a philosophy that is difficult to define and Aget an handle on—the proverbial nailing-jell-O-to-the-wall kind of exercise. It's chief characteristic is the deconstruction of truth. Wow, now what in the world does that mean? Postmodernism rejects the very notion of truth as fixed, universal, objective, or absolute. All truth is relative, and the individual is the sole arbiter of what they believe is true and what isn't. ILLUS. Al Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary describes the various was to understand truth through the analogy of an home plate umpire calling a baseball game. Three umpires are discussing balls and strikes. The first umpire says, "There's balls and strikes, and I call 'em the way they are." To which the second replies, "There's balls and strikes, and I call 'em the way I see 'em." Umpire three, obviously annoyed, says, "You guys are both all wrong! They ain't nothin' 'till I call 'em."

Umpire #1 is thoroughly modern in his disposition. He believes that there is objective truth--a strike zone that is hard and fast. He is purely objectivity. Umpire #2 understands that there is a strike zone, but it's not hard and fast. There is some subjectivity to his calling of balls and strikes. This is especially true if he really blows a call and tries to make it up later in the game. Umpire #3 has taken the dive into the postmodern pool. He has abandoned the idea of an objective or even subjective reality that exists independently of his own ideas and perceptions.

Richard Rorty—a noted Postmodern philosopher—asserts that truth is made rather than found. Objective true simply does not exist—all truth is socially constructed. That is, social groups construct their own "truth" in order to serve their own interests. Example: Thou shall not murder is not an all-encompassing truth proposition revealed by holy God. It is merely a social contract generally agreed upon by human culture because anything else is just ... well messy.  When a culture decides that Thou shall not murder is merely a relative truth which can be abandoned when a society deems it necessary, then anything is permissible and legitimate including ethnic cleansing on a staggering scale.

Little imagination is needed to understand that this radical relativism is a direct challenge to the Christian gospel. Our claim is not to preach one truth among many; about one Savior among many; through one gospel, among many. We do not believe that the Christian gospel is a socially constructed truth, but the Truth which sets sinners free from sinCand is objectively, universally, historically true. The Christian tradition understands Truth as established by God and revealed through the self‑revelation of God in Scripture. Truth is eternal, fixed, and universal. As the late Francis Schaeffer instructed, the Christian church must contend for true truth. There is no greater true truth that the church must contend for a Savior who came to redeem sinners from the wrath of a holy God.

In a world of competing worldviews, believers are to prove all things.

ILLUS. In the game of Football, the middle linebacker is a pivotal player on the defensive team. Once the play begins, he has only a few seconds to recognize what the other team is doing and to make a decision of how he is going to respond. He then positions himself to go whichever direction the ball is heading. His performance is based on his evaluation of what is happening and his response to it.

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