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Loneliness... Does Anybody Care?: "Why Am I Lonely?"

Notes & Transcripts

Preached by Dr. Craig Price at Hot Springs Baptist Church

Difference Between:

Solitude = Not being in the company of others

Loneliness = Absence of personal intimacy or meaningful activity

Forms Of Loneliness

Unsatisfied Inner Ache

Inner vacuum or emptiness

Inner craving for significance

Loneliness Is Universal

Loneliness began in the Garden (Genesis 2)

It knows no class distinction among peoples

It knows no age distinction:




Levels Of Loneliness




"God created man for Himself and our hearts are restless until they find rest in Him." -Blaise Pascal

Causes Of Loneliness

General Societal Causes                 Speifiec Personal Causes

Changes In Social Structure            Poor Self-Esteem, Failed Relationships

Modern Technology                        Death, Separation, Illness

Rapid Urbanization                          Fear, Conflict, Rejection

Urban High Rise Apartments           Not Belonging, Feeling Unneeded

Our Lonely Savior... He Cares For YOU!

He knows how you feel

He will never abandon you

He hears your cry! Psalm 142:5-7

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