Loneliness...Does Anybody Care?: "I Need a Friend!"

Notes & Transcripts

Preached by Dr. Craig Price at Hot Springs Baptist Church

Causes Of Loneliness

A feeling of rejection

A sense of insecurity

A loss caused by sorrow or tragedy

"There is no life so empty as a self-centered life, and no life so centered and full as a self-emptied life." -Jack Hyles


Who Is My Friend When.....

I feel isolated?  Jesus  (Psalm 22)

I have been rejected?  Jesus  (Isaiah 53:3)

I am homeless?  Jesus  (Matthew 8:20)

My own people turn me away?  Jesus (John 1:11)

My friends desert me?  Jesus  (John 6:65-67)

My heart is breaking?  Jesus  (John 15:15)

No one cares for me?  Jesus  (I Peter 5:7)

The Road To Recovery From Loneliness

Take responsibility

Clear the road by confession

Appropriate God's forgiveness


Accept what you cannot change

Jesus would have died for you even if YOU were the only person ever to live on earth!!!

                                                                He needsYOU!

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