Godly Fatherhood

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Theme: Joseph ~ a godly example of fatherhood.


A. Not much is known of Joseph – the “father” of Jesus.

  1. While the Scriptures tell us Jesus was conceived of by the Holy Spirit we know that Joseph raised Jesus as his own son.
  2. We know that this carpenter was a godly man whose Son lived in obedience to him (and His mother).
  3. What little is stated and implied about Joseph serves as a beautiful example for Christian fathers today.

B. Let’s look at the example Joseph served and the encouragement we can glean.


A. He found favor with God (through Mary). Lk. 1:28

  1. This passage is explicitly about Mary.
  2. It also might indicate more about Joseph’s parents (who would have traditionally established the betrothal) than himself.
  3. Providentially speaking, however, Joseph inevitably found favor with God by being the father to raise the Savior of this world (it was no coincidence. Matt. 1:1-15).

B. He was a righteous man. Matt. 1:19

  1. While a short description of his character, it speaks volumes of Joseph’s walk before God.
  2. This is a man who loves God, wants to serve Him according to His word, with a good and noble heart.
  3. This short phrase can serve as an indicator for not only his actions but as an influence on his family. Cp. Lk. 2:51

C. He showed mercy to his wife. Matt. 1:19

  1. While betrothed, the manwoman were legally bound to one another as husbandwife. Cp. Dt. 22:23-24
  2. Not wanting to disgrace his wife: shining his virtuous character as read in the Scriptures.

D. Further, his mercy toward his wife was coupled by amazing faith. Cp. Lk. 1:26, 39ff, 56

  1. It was approximately three months before Mary returned to Joseph (visiting w/ Elizabeth).
  2. To have her come back pregnant was not what he would have expected: and minded to put her away (divorce her) privately (secretly).
  3. The revelation of Mary’s pregnancy would be hard to accept…a virgin could not be pregnant!
  4. Yet, acceptance of the angelic message was a testament to his great faith. Matt. 1:20-25


A. We may not be raising the Son of God but have the equal task of raising children for God.

B. We will not be perfect at raising our children God has entrusted to our stewardship, but we can train

our children to be perfected in Christ.

C. All this will take a man who strives to…

  1. Live with righteousness.
  2. Show mercy unto our family (wife/children) and others.
  3. Demonstrate faith (trust) in God in situations that are seemingly impossible.


A. Fathers, God bless you in your effort to raise children who love God.

B. Children, give honor to whom God has placed over you.

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