Brian Onken - Are Crumbs Enough?

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Mark 7:24-30

Mark's account of Peter's journey

  • Jesus already told us what comes out of the heart that defiles a person => Mark 7:1-23

Meeting the woman (Mark 7:24-30)

  • Some background about the exchange
    • Mark 7:24 - Tyre and Sidon - leaving Israel and moving into a Gentile region (Mark 3)
          • Jesus fame has spread.
    • Mark 7:25-26 - Syrophoenician
        • She is a Gentile (pagan) and therefore, outside the promises of Israel
    • Mark 7:27 - Gentile "dogs"
  • Some notable things about the exchange:
    • She fell at His feet (this only happens in Mark three times)
        • Mark 3 - Demonized prostrate themselves when Jesus is around
        • Mark 5 - Woman with the blood issue
        • Mark 7 - This is the third time; She is giving in / submitting
    • She calls Him "Lord"
        • Only person who addresses Jesus as Lord (Lord & Savior)
    • She says "Yes"
        • She was not there to get Jesus to enter her story; She is here to enter His story.
        • She wanted to get in on what Jesus was doing.
    • She says that she will take the crumbs!
        • She had learned enough about Jesus that He is no ordianary man
        • She abandons herself to Jesus
    • What does this mean?
        • Her actions and words show us that she has the right heart

Are crumbs enough?

    • For those who know Jesus
        • You will face trouble, hardships, and pain and it is always right to bring all of this to Jesus
        • Will you say, "Yes Lord, whatever You want?"
        • Paul seemed to get and understand this
            • 2 Corinthians 12:7-10 => Grace is enough.
            • Philippians 4:11-13 => Grace is enough. Jesus your plan is best.
    • For those who are getting to know Jesus
        • What Isaiah pointed out (Isaiah 53)
            • She sees Jesus gracious and good
            • She sees that the crumbs falling from the table are enough.
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