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Hosea sermon

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God the faithful Lover

Scripture Reading Hos 1:1-10
Key Verse Hos 1:10
Title: God the faithful lover

A.                A strange time

1.                  He probably received his call to prophesy around 760 bc, towards the end of the reign of Jeroboam II (793–753)

a)         Ministered during the reign of  Jeroboam II and ministered to the Northern         Kingdom  

2.                  Most financially prosperous time for Northern Kingdom

                                           (2 Kings 14:23- 27)

a)         However deep seated decline

(1)               religious synchronism

(a)                      Baal Worship

(i)                 2 king 10:18-27

(ii)               2 Kings 10:31

(b)                     Calf Worship 1 Kings 12:26-33

2.                   Go, take yourself a wife of harlotry And children of harlotry,

a)                  Possible views

(1)                No really a harlot

(a)                Would become

(b)               From that situation (daughter of )

(2)                Really harlot

b)                  Issue of Hosea taking a wife of Harlotry

(1)                Hosea son of Beeri of the tribe of Issachar

(2)               Priest not allowed to take a wife of Harlotry

(a)                Lev. 21;7,13-14

(b)               However no requirements are given for the wife of a prophet

(3)                “desperate times call for desperate measures

3.                   Because     כִּֽי־זָנֹ֤ה תִזְנֶה֙  (infinitive absolute)    for the land has commit spiritual adultery   

a)                  Prosperity had allowed them to deceive themselves Deut 28:1-8                       

b)                  Seeing ourself

(1)               We are guilt of Synchronism

(a)                 Worry

(b)               Resentment

(c)                Jealousy

(d)               Wrath

(e)                Fear

(2)               We are unfaithful

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