Road map to peace

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           The Road map to peace

I.       Abraham and The Three lines of promise

A.        The three lines stated Gen 12:1-3

1.         A People (A seed)

2.         A land

3.         A protection

II.      the beginning of the Mideast Conflict

A. The arm of flesh Gen 16:1-4

            B. The issue Gen 17:20-22

C. The Beginning of Trouble Gen 21:8-21

III. The purpose of the Jewish people and their land

A.        Israel was chosen to propagate The doctrine of One God

                          To be a witnesses (a Witness nation) Isa 43:10-12

B.        To be a priestly nation Ex 19:4-9       Propitiation 1 Jn 2:2

Sukkah 55b “The seventy bulls that were offered up every year during the Feast of Tabernacles were for the seventy nations.”

C.         The land place in this purpose

1.         Jerusalem - the geographical center of the World

2.         The land between and trade

 IV. God’s solution Zech 14:9

V. God’s present strategy

            A. Bring forth a Remanant Rom 11:1-5

                        1.  a continuing remnant Rom 11:5  γέγονεν perfect Tense

                        2.  A purpose for Gentile salvation in reference to Israel

                                παραζηλω̂σαι  Aorist infinitive

VI. The meaning for the believer

A.        God will fulfill his purposes despite us  

B.          We need to choose to me a part of his plans

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