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The Value of God's Word

Notes & Transcripts

The Value of God’s Word

Bargains or Values: What are you Shopping for in life?

Psalm 119:97-103

Have you ever heard the expression you get what you pay for?  What someone was trying to convey in that expression is that value doesn’t come cheap.  When we’re shopping for something of value we’re shopping for something that is greatly desired.  It’s a must have.  And money is no longer the issue, but rather the quality and the value of the object becomes more important. 

The truth is that there are some things we don’t mind paying bargain basement prices for – because in reality the quality of the object is not very important to us.  But if we need something to last and it is something of great importance to us then we will find ourselves shopping for value rather than bargains.

I want us to spend a few weeks talking about values.  In particular, what are the values of Crosspoint?   And I want to begin with a value that we just sometimes automatically assume but never talk much about – the value of God’s word.

How could any of us forget just a year or so ago when our gas prices reached an unbelievable $4 a gallon?  The last time gas went that high was due to the hurricane that went through the Houston TX area and did great damage to the refineries there.  What happened next was an age old principle of supply and demand.  As the supply went down the demand became greater and the value of gas went higher.  That principle will work in reverse as well.  As the supply goes up and the demand grows less the value of an object will lower.

I thought about that this week in relation to our subject this morning.  Almost all of us own a Bible.  If you don’t own a Bible just let us know and we will be happy to provide you one.  We would consider it an honor to provide you with a Bible.  Now let me ask a personal question – how many of you own two bibles, more than two?  My collection of bibles is a tribute to the history of my eyesight?  As my vision worsens, the print of the Bibles I own grows larger. 

So I wonder if the fact that we have so many bibles available to us has driven down the value of the bible in our lives.  A crucial question we need to ask ourselves is could you or do you live without the Bible?  Understand, that the value of God’s word is not based on accessibility but whether we are engaged with the Bible. 

When we say that we as a church value God’s word, that value is only as strong as your personal value of God’s word in your life.

You and I make the church so if we don’t personally value God’s word in our own life then we as a church are incapable of making it something we value.  So this morning I want to spend some time talking about why and how we can make God’s word a value – something to be desired in our life.

“The Bible is God’s authoritative guide to life. Therefore, we will seek to help every person understand and apply God's word on a daily basis.  We believe that in doing so a person will experience an ongoing, life changing, encounter with God.”

Why Should we Value God’s Word?

It’s unique design

(Ps. 19:7)

It’s a guidebook to life. 

Whenever you buy a product it comes with something that most of us men didn’t even realize – an owner’s manual.  The owner’s manual is a guidebook written by the designer and it describes the product and how it was originally designed to function.  It is the source of truth about that product.  It instructs you on how to maintain, operate, and troubleshoot the product.

(John 8:31,32)

·       Raising kids in a world gone mad

·       Having a marriage in a divorce sex crazed society

·       Living with integrity in a anything goes culture

·       Trying to handle your finances in a bailout world

·       Have a career in a dog eat dog environment

It’s not another self-help book.  84,684 self-help books on Amazon alone.  You can even buy a book on how to write a successful self-help book.

The flow of our culture today is, “Let’s just do our own thing and figure it out ourselves.” That’s why the thought of evolution is so popular – we’re supposed to be advancing to the point that no one has to help us figure things out.

If you’re trying to figure out a problem with a computer that you own and you make a mistake, in most cases, we have a warranty and we can ship it back.  If you make a mistake trying to figure out parenting, marriage, finances, etc.  you can’t ship that back and start over.

While these two things are true about God’s word and should contribute greatly to our valuing of God’s word, it’s not really what will make the difference as to whether we value God’s word or not.

God’s word is not intended to be informational; But rather transformational.

So how can we embrace and engage God’s word so that it becomes a highly prized and desired value in our life?

I want you to look at Psalm 119:89, 97

It has to become personal to us:

It has to be pursued (Vs. 97)

It has to be experienced

When we are hungry for a particular food, nothing else will satisfy.  How many times have we eaten a meal, only to say afterwards, “that was not very satisfying.”  We had a taste for something, yet what we ate was ordinary, it did nothing to excite our sense of taste. 

On the other hand, there have been meals we’ve eaten that afterwards we said, “wow, that was incredible.”  It exceeded our expectations and we went away from the table more than satisfied.  The same thing is true with God’s word. 

Values are important to us in life.  They define who and what we are as individuals.  When it comes to God’s word – what is your personal value?  Do you value God’s word as a take it or leave it book?  Or do you value God’s Word as a one of a kind authoritative guide book to life?

If you do are you willing to make it personal, to pursue it and experience it?

I want you to take out your communication card in your bulletin and then I want you to bow your heads.  We believe that life is about the next step.  In every journey there is a next step. 

This morning you’re faced with a next step:  your next step will either be a step away from Jesus or a step closer to Jesus.  I want you to look over the next steps on your card.  What is your next step – maybe you want to take several this week.  What is God prompting you to do?

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