01.6-13 Jesus - The Light that gives Life -- Outline

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Jesus: The Light that Gives Life

John 1.6-13

December 21, 1997

1. What kind of news do we here at Christmas? Odd News of God News?





2. Who was John? The Frame for the face of Christ

A.    What do you see?

B.    John was . . .

1] a prophet Asent from God@ Jer. 7.25

2] the last prophet, the spokesman for them all, the bridge between Old and New, Mt. 11.13

3] the Witness to Jesus as the Messiah and the New Age

aa.   His message

bb.   His ministry by the Jordan


4] Why is this so important? Who is the real Jesus?

3. What does the Light do?

a. v.9 Agives light = _____________   ______   _____________=


John 3.19-21








4. Two Responses to the Light

a.   v.10-11 Rejecting the Light

<  The World didn=t recognize him

<  His Home and Own didn=t receive him

 b.    v.12-13 Areceiving him ... believing in his name ...born of God@

<      The Aright@ we are entitled to, the right we don=t deserve.

<      Born of ____________!                                

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