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Genesis 9:8-14; Revelation 21:1-4; 22:1-2

<<Even after the Flood the world is a mixture of good and bad. But God promises not to give up on us.>>

!! What do you need to make a rainbow?

* light and prism

  • sun and rain.

illustration / picture of how our lives are: a mixture of sun and rain; nice things / not so nice things; good and bad.

!! What’s been good and bad this week?

* how the world is

  • how we are inside (not all bad, not all good)

Sad reality about the Flood is that it didn’t change anything.

!! Can you remember why God sent the Flood in the first place?

arguing, murder, bad things

Noah. Good and upright. Best God could find. (CWDP, toothbrush, birthday cards, collection box.)

What happened after the Flood? Did everyone live in peace and harmony?

No. Almost straight after Noah and his sons arguing again. Brothers not getting on.

Even Noah and his sons weren’t good enough.

(p35 Book of Books)

Flood didn’t change diddly-squat.

Still look at the world and wish things were different. Still look inside ourselves and wish we were different.


something beautiful

We can’t make this world a better place on our own.

God’s promise.

Points forward

ANOTHER CHAPTER, thousands of years later.

Baby born in a stable.

Good man dying on a cross.

His followers coming to his tomb 3 days later to find it empty.

As I’ve said that’s another chapter. Rainbow a sign of how God was planning to come to our rescue.

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