APOLLOS: Qualities of a true Christian

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Back Ground:

Place: Alexandria, Ephesus

Apollos: Name of a god (Appollonia)

Caste: A Jew

Meaning: Destroyer

History: A prominent figure in the I st century (I Cor. 1:12; 3:4, 6)

Apollos: A destroyer, who shall come, when he gets an opportunity


1. He was a Jew (18:24)

  • Not an inter cast but a pure Jew

*Are we true Christians

2. He was mighty in Scriptures (18:24)

  • Mighty means “thorough knowledge’

a. Why should we be mighty in the Scriptures?

  • To be a witness 18:26
  • To teach powerfully 18: 25
  • In the assembly 18:27 (inner)
  • In the synagogue 18:28 (outer)

b. How can we be mighty in the Scriptures?

  • Search it daily Acts17:11
  • Hide in the heart Ps. 119:11
  • Read Deut. 17:19

“It is better to be mighty in the Scriptures than mighty in the world’s wisdom”

3. He was instructed the way of the Lord (v: 25)

  • Many had been instructed by the Lord

Positive Figures

a. Noah (Gen.6:13) as the Lord commanded v:22

b. Moses (Ex. 25-31) Tabernacle 40:16

c. Theophilos Lk. 1:3, Acts 1:1

d. Believers:

  • By God’s Word
  • By God’s servants

Negative figures

a. Lot’s wife

b. Jude

Are we positive or negative figures?

4. He was fervent in Spirit (18: 25)

Fervent: intensity of feeling or boiling (E.g.: 2 Pet.3:10, 12)


· Following God: Rom.12:11

· Proclamation of the Word: Acts 18:24

· Caring for God’s servants: 2 Cor. 7:7

Fervent Prayers: Jas.5:16

Fervent in charity: I Pet. 4:8

5. He accurately declared God’s Word (18:25)

Accurately or Diligently

Bible is specific in those areas where we must be diligent

a. Diligently hearken to the Voice of the Lord: Ex. 15:26

b. Diligently keep them Deut. 6:17

c. Diligently let it be done Ezra 7:23

d. Diligently teach children Deut. 6:7

e. Diligently follow every good works I Tim. 5:10

f. Reward for those that diligently seek him (Heb. 11:6)

6. He was humble in mind (18:26)

  • Not proud of his talent
  • Heard the voice of the God’s servants
  • Moses: meekest man Num. 12:3
  • Rewards of humility

Road to honor: 1 Kings 3:11:14

Leads to riches: Prov. 22:4

Brings blessings: 2 Chr. 7:14, 15

Guarantees exaltation: Jas.4:10

Ensures God’s presence: Isa. 57:15

Makes truly great: Matt. 18:4

7. He was useful to others (18:27)

  • Believers at Corinth.

8. He refuted the Pharisees (18:28)

  • In the synagogue.
  • With the living Word.

9. He watered (I Cor.3:6)

  • Ministry of watering: all believers can do this.

10 . He proved that Jesus is the Messiah

  • Today we are here to proclaim that Jesus is God.
  • Let’s focus on His last commandment (Mat 28: 18-20).
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