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Battle of Believers

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Eph. 6:10-20

Believer's conflict


1. Kingdom of darkness --all at one time in it.

2. Kingdom of God. All who are in it are their by

faith in Jesus Christ.

Illustration: In Jerusalem are tow monuments one is

made out of black stone; one is made out of white

stone. They represent the two kingdoms.

1. Strength for the Battle 6:10

1. availability of this power

2. adequacy of the Power

3. Appropriation of this power.

2. Enemy of This Battle. 6:11-12

1. Identity of the enemy.--the devil --God of this


2. His tools "wiles" trickery, deception

3. Basics for his power

a. Fallen race. Prong to believe a lie than the


b. Satan is a natural liars

3. Nature of the enemy Eph 6:12

1. He is a spirit being. v12

2. He is evil. "spiritual wickedness in high places"

a. His agent "principalities"

4. Protection of the Believers.

1. Completeness. v13

2. Purpose v13b. "resist the devil"

3. Elements

a) not a back piece. v14

b) One of offensive weaken v17


1. Some do not know a battle is going on.

2. Some have retreaded and away behind

3. Some have fallen in battle --healing is available for


4. Some are tired in the battle.

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