Princess kissing Frog

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The commercial where the princess is kissing a frog. 

When I was a kid they would tell the story of a princess who found a frog, kissed it and it turned into a prince, and they lived happily ever after.  Now they have a version of that in a commercial.  I don’t remember what it is advertising.  She has all her royal garments on, including her crown.  She finds a frog and kisses it, then it turns into a weasel.  Kisses it again and it turns into a buzzard, skunk, then again a monkey. 

Then again and he turned into a half man half jack-ass

So she said no, I’m tired of this, I’m not kissing anything else.  So she turns and walks away in disgust.  Then the half man half jack ass said, wait I might be your prince.  One more kiss! 

Sister girl learned a valuable lesson.  If they’re not a prince before you kiss them, I don’t care how good you kiss, they will not be a prince after you kiss them. 

My question to you is how many frogs, buzzards, weasels, skunks, monkeys, half man half jack asses are you going to kiss.  Look at somebody and say, “kissing won’t change them”

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