So Messed Up I can't play it

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Author John Killinger tells about the manager of a minor league baseball team who got so frustrated with his center fielder’s performance that he jerked him out of the game and played the position himself. The first hard-hit ball that came to the manager took a bad hop and smashed into his mouth. His next play was a high fly ball that he lost in the sun—until it smacked him in the forehead. The third ball that came his way was a hard line drive that flew between his hands and popped him in the eye.

Furious, he ran off the field to the dugout, grabbed the center fielder by the shirt and shouted, “You’ve got center field so messed up, even I can’t play it!”

God is the subject of more than His share of fingerpointing. As a matter of fact, a seventeen-year-old was accused recently of burning down a church in Nashville, Indiana. At his trial, he explained that he took a cigarette lighter to the nearly century-old building because “I was angry with God.”

One woman, having lost both her husband and son in separate accidents, posted a notice on the Internet: “I am ANGRY at God. I am VERY ANGRY!” She dared to say out loud what you and I really feel sometimes.

But angry at God is a very dangerous place to be. When I am angry at God, I am led very easily into idolatry

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