Lessons Learned Along Life's Road

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I. Sin is more sinful than I ever thought it was.

It is more than behavior modification, it is far mor invasive. Gal. 6:5-God's assessment of the human condition. Praying the sinner's prayer doesn't solve the sin problem, you need time for the HS to expose the depths of sin. "Pigs can't smell their own stink"

II. Salvation is more difficult than I thougt.

-More than spiritual laws, but a life of self-denial. Luke 9.23

-the saved life is a hard life. James 4.4

-Salvation is not easy. Though it is free, it is not cheap. Dietrich Bonheoffer (Cost of Discipleship), the problem is cheap grace. This is causing more trouble then works/righteousness.

-Romans 8:14--a Picture of a Christian. if you're not following the Spirit, you're not a child of God.

-Illus: I'm a jogger. I have shoes, suit, etc. but I don't jog. I'm a Christian, but I don't follow Christ???

III. God's grace is more amazing than I ever dreamed.

-Hebrews 7:25-Am I completely saved? to the uttermost? Greace reaches farther, can change everything.

-"He breaks the power of canceled sin"-Charles Wesley.

-My experience and awareness of God's grace is proportionate to my experience and awareness of my sin.

-Gal. 2:26- You can't crucify yourself, you need him to do it.

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