Five Signs of Christian Maturity

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Five Signs of Christian Maturity

Ephesians 4:14-4:16 (NIV, NIRV, TNIV, KJV)

Five signs of Christian maturity

There are gauges to check your car, warning bells, GROOVES ON ROAD
They’re here for Christians too

So tonght we’re going to find out “HOW YOU DOIN’?”

Ephesians 4:14-16

Here we have some gauges that Paul has set to see how we’re doing
Are we advancing, Do we look like who we are,

When I teach on stuff like this— NOT ABOUT PERFORMANCE

You have to do all of this stuff— and then you’ll get to heaven, be a member

Religion says you have to DO SOMETHING- to be something
Christianity says you have to BE SOMETHING- to do something

1. Let’s not be children—

Are you growing up? Maturing?
Can you live without getting your way?

Are you easily offended—
Christians will bail at the first offense

I can’t believe he said that— Imagine what I’d say if I preached longer

Church is meant to help grow the body up— Shouldn’t be in diapers forever

Doing stuff on your own, contributing, helping yourself, more responsibility

2. Grounded In Truth—
Tossed to and fro– every wind of doctrine
Easily swayed, not sure what you believe, what you think

You better know what you believe—
I pastor and inter denominational church
People ask– “what do they believe” I BELIEVE I LOVE YOU

HERETICS---- This lady called on phone---- Trying to describe the church

It’s not what you believe as much as WHO YOU BELIEVE IN
Jesus is the truth— Plug into Jesus— Can’t pull the wool over my eyes

3. Freedom from deception—
WHY WE HAVE THE LAW— Know our sin---- To know what is sin/wrong

Between Jesus who is all righteousness— and the law– can’t fail
This is right/ that is right---- I know what right— that ain’t right

The message of freedom sounds like deception----
Freedom means dependence on God— Not yourself
Freedom means your spirit is sealed–– Not in the balance
Freedom ... don’t care what U think about me– Care about who God made me

They’ll leave truth and freedom— RUN TO BONDAGE & PERFORMANCE

4. Able to speak the truth in Love—
Are peaceable when you discuss/ debate/ talk

Early on – I LOVE TO DEBATE THE BIBLE— I didn’t truly understand it
Now that I believe I have a greater understanding— Feel no need to debate

People love to know stuff— They’ll debate, and not even know if they’re right
TEENAGERS---- KNOW EVERYTHING–– Why? They want to know

So when I share, I want to do it in LOVE– Not being mean
The only time people think I’m mean— WHEN I”M TRUTHFUL
Even when I speak it in love–

5. At harmony with the whole body—
I don’t care about background— BODY FUNCTION
who are you—

I don’t want to drive a wedge between me and any denomination
If they drive that wedge— NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT– LOVE EM

Are you open to all people—

These are the gauges to see how we’re doing:
1. Let’s not be Children 2. Grounded in truth 3. Free from deception
4. Speak the truth in love 5. At harmony with the whole body

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