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Phillipians 1.12.18

Notes & Transcripts



Bad turns to good........Vs 12

·         Advance the Gospel

Does everyone know that you love Christ?



Speak the word boldly and fearlessly

·         Boldly......Mark 15:43

·         Fearlessly..... ἀφόβως   aphóbōs;

We must preach the Gospel

·         Preach..... κηρύσσω (kēryssō) vs 15

The noun, kērux (κηρυξ), means “a herald, a messenger vested with public authority who conveyed the official messages of kings, magistrates, princes, military commanders, or who gave a public summons or demand.” The English word “preach” brings to our mind, a minister of the gospel in his pulpit expounding the Word of God. But the word Mark uses here, pictures John as a herald with an official proclamation from a coming King, the Messiah of Israel. He acted as one, making a public proclamation of the news of the advent of the Messiah with such formality, gravity, and authority as must be listened to and obeyed.

·         Proclaim...... καταγγέλλω (katangellō)

Defend the Gospel.......I Peter 3:15

·         Defense........ ἀπολογία (apologia)   a “verbal defense, a speech in defense,” is sometimes translated “answer,”

Christ is proclaimed, so rejoice!!

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