Dr. Ironside and the Moody Church

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“That Dr. Ironside is the ideal pastor for Moody Church is finely attested by the following excerpt taken from one of his recent sermons, based on Eph 1:3:

“Please note what Paul says: ‘He hath blessed us.’ The Apostle is not speaking of something that may be ours when we get to heaven, but something that is ours, here and now. I have been blessed with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. People often ask me if I have obtained the ‘second blessing’ yet. Second blessing? I generally say: ‘Why, I am somewhere up in the hundreds of thousands so far as that goes, if you refer to experience; but, actually, I obtained every blessing that God has for a redeemed sinner when I put my trust in the Lord Jesus Christ’ ...It is one thing to have the blessings; it is another thing to appropriate them.”

-Chester Mann, Moody: Winner of Souls, p. 86

Bibliotheca Sacra . 1998 (electronic edition.). Dallas, TX: Dallas Theological Seminary.

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