Parent's Self-denial

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In the book called the "Turning Point," the author talks about an event of a young man who is beginning his senior year in college during the yers of the Great Depression. His family did not have the money to afford to send him to college, even though it only cost $20 including the books. The father didn't have the $20. He said, "Son, don't worry. Tomorrow we'll go to the bank. I'll sign a note for you, and we'll get the money for you so you can go to college." The next morning, they went to the bank and met with the banker. The banker looked over the papers that they had, and the banker said, "I'm sorry; I can't give you the loan. I wish I could. The directors of the bank have a policy. If there's nothing to back up the loan, no collateral, no guarantee for it, no loan." They were disappointed, but then they heard about some people who were known to be generous in their loaning of money. Same answer there - no collateral - no loan. It seemed there was no way that Glen would ever be able to go to college to finish his last year.

It was the day before school was to start. A big truck backed up to the house. Two men got out of the back of the truck and put some big boards from the back of the truck to the front porch on the house. Glen wasn't there that day, but he heard about it later on. There was one thing that the mother loved more than anything else, next to Jesus and her family, and that was her piano. She loved to play the piano. She enjoyed the music that came from the piano. She loved to sing. It gave here great pleasure and great joy. It was the only decent piece of furniture they had in the whole house. Well, the men pushed, and they rolled, and they pushed the piano across the boards onto the truck. Then the driver took some money out of his pocket and he gave some bills to the mother - a $20, a $10, and a $5. The driver got back into the truck, and they drove away with the mothers's prize possession, the piano, in the back of the truck. As they drove off, the mother started crying uncontrollably. The father put his arms around her trying to console her and to hug her, but she sobbed and sobbed. Later, the father said to the son, "you can go back to college tomorrow. Your mother sold the piano." And then gave him the money. That's exactly what God is like.

You see, He is the One who took the thing that He loved the most, His Son, the piano, and He gave Him up for you and me. He did so at the hands of sinners. he was disgraced and rejected and denied and killed, and then He passed on the money to us - forgiveness, peace, joy, grace, . . . And then He said, "Son, daughter, you can go to college and be My disciple because I love you, because of My grace for you. . . .

Source: /Stewards Living a God-pleasing Life, pg. 31.

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