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God’s View of Human Life   Gen. 1:26-28   EBC  10/25/09

  A few years ago we had a major case in Florida involving life and death matters. It was the Terry Schaivo case. It got many people talking about the relationship of life and death. Sadly, we are living in a time when Human life is a cheap commodity. In the Netherlands in 1990, there were 11,800 euthanasia deaths. These deaths were at the hands of a doctor, nurse or family member.

  When talking about human life I think it’s important to see what God has to say about it.

I. God Appoints the Creation of Life

  A. Every Human is special (Gen. 2:7)

    1. Man is a result of God’s creative power and not evolution.

      a. Man did not evolve he was made by a special act of God.

      b. Gen. 29:31-

        1. Henry Morris- “We can only say that, although God Himself may have no physical body, He designed and formed man’s body to enable it to function physically in ways in which He Himself could function even without a body. God can see (Genesis 16:13), hear (Psalm 94:9), smell (Genesis 8:21), touch (Genesis 32:32), and speak (2 Peter 1:18), whether or not He has actual physical eyes, ears, nose, hands, and mouth…. There is something about the human body, therefore, which is uniquely appropriate to God’s manifestation of Himself, and (since God knows all His works from the beginning of the world—Acts 15:18), He must have designed man’s body with this in mind. Accordingly, He designed it, not like the animals, but with an erect posture, with an upward gazing countenance, capable of facial expressions corresponding to emotional feelings, and with a brain and a tongue capable of articulate, symbolic speech. He knew, of course, that in the fullness of time even He would become a man. In that day, He would prepare a human body for His Son (Hebrews 10:5; Luke 1:35) and it would be “made in the likeness of men” (Philippians 2:7), just as man had been made in the likeness of God.

  b. The animals were spoken into existence, but man was created from the dust and God breathed life into him.

     2. This is one of the great dangers of society, if man is nothing more than an animal then his life isn’t worth anything more.  

     3. Those who hold this view also hold to the fact that when man is thru his usefulness when he should be done away with.

       a. Today, it’s babies tomorrow it may be those who are no longer productive in life.

  B. Every human is spiritual  

    1. We all are made in the “image of God”. This doesn’t mean that we have a body like God’s. God made us for having relationships especially with Him.

    2. Man is an ethical creature in that we all know some sense of right and wrong.

    3. Only humans are enabled to have fellowship with God.  

II. God Appoints the Continuation of Life

  A. God determines the dawn of life

    1. God is in charge of when life is created within the womb

     a. Gen. 29:31, 30:22, 

    2. When we think of childbirth generally we think primarily of the physical issues involved in this. But, there is much more going on backstage.

  B. God determines the design of life

    1. Not only does God decide whether or not there will be life He determines what that life will be.

      a. He has a plan for each of us.

        1. Rom. 12:2-

        2. Jer. 1:5- God had a plan even before Jeremiah was born

        3. Luke 1:13-17- John, the Baptist

      b. He decides our make-up

        1.Each one of us contain DNA which make us different from every other person. But, the DNA is so exact my mother and father can be identified from every other person on earth.

        2. Every human life is so precious to God and ought to be that precious to us.

III. God Appoints  the Conclusion of Life

  A. God appoints the time of death

     1. Job 14:1-5-

     2. Luke 12:16-20-

     3.  Deut. 34:5-8-

     4. Psa. 68:20- it is only thru God that man escape death until God is finished with them.


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