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All Susan ever wanted was a normal life. She planned to marry Derek and live happily ever after. On her wedding day, Susan’s life changed. She is hit by a strange meteorite and is transformed by the powerful element it contains, known as Quantonium. The energetic material turns Susan into a giant. She can no longer live in normal society, so the government takes her away to a special prison where they lock her up with other genetic mutants and monsters. When an alien shows up to reclaim the Quantonium, Susan and the other monsters defeat his robot drone and save San Francisco.

Though they have saved the planet, Susan and the other monsters are still outcasts. Susan is shunned by her family and by Derek, the man who should understand and want to help her. Through the experiences she has with the monsters, Susan begins to realize she has a unique purpose now, as a giant named Ginormica. Though she is conflicted by being different than everyone else, she begins to accept who she is for the first time. When the strange alien captures her to take the Quantonium by force, Susan is not relieved even though removing the element, returns to her normal size. With her friends in danger, the Earth at risk and a self-important alien named Galaxar threatening to kill everyone on the planet, Susan faces a dilemma. She can give up or do her best to use her abilities to try to stop the evil alien and save the day.

OPTION 1: Play clip from Monsters versus Aliens, Chapter 21 and 22, 1:17:40 to 1:19:35.

OPTION II. Describe scene and make application.

Susan and her friends are able to escape Galaxar’s confinement, but are now trapped in a spacecraft counting down to self-destruction. Susan was able to get outside the doors before they closed but now has to decide what to do. She takes pieces of a flying machine and straps them to her feet, using the devices as flying roller skates. Galaxar tries to destroy Susan using his robot drones, but Susan is able to escape. As she flies toward Galaxar, the voice of the computer makes a startling announcement. “Robot Bay has been destroyed.”Galaxar is annoyed, and commands, “Fire the phasoid cannon!” The dangerous ball of energy closes on Susan, but she is able to avoid it at the last minute. Carefully, she aims one of the flying devices on her feet, taking a bead on Galaxar. She flings it through the window, striking Galaxar and sending him flying backward while his ray gun to falls to the floor.

Susan swoops into the room as Galaxar exclaims, “Are you crazy? You could have killed me.” Without missing a beat Susan responds, “Now we understand each other.” Boldly she says,” Now, open the doors and let my friends go!” Galaxar asks, “Or what? You don’t actually think you’re a match for me do you?” He glances at the escape pod, and container filling over his head as the computer reports, “Quantonium has been successfully diverted to the Bridge. Escape capsule ready for transport.” Thinking he has won, Galaxar says, “Like I told you before, you should have defeated me when you had the Quantonium.” He taunts Susan adding, “Have fun exploding,” and begins to climb to the escape capsule.

Susan is shocked but quickly gains her composure and rushes to stop Galaxar before he can escape. They struggle and eventually fall to the floor. Susan tries to defeat the alien, but he manages to avoid most of her blows. Finally Susan overcomes Galaxar. She grabs the ray gun and demands, “Now , Open the doors!” Galaxar responds, “Even if I wanted too, I couldn’t. That’s what happens when you set the ship to self destruct.” Looking around he adds, “Now we’re all going to die and there’s nothing you can do about it.” He pauses, and with one final taunt adds, “Susan.” Puzzled, Susan thinks a minute and then says, “I wouldn’t be so sure.” She looks up, and adds, “And the name is Ginormica!” As the music swells, Susan fires the ray gun upward at the Quantonium container and fires. The container falls on her, restoring her identity and the purpose she now embraces.

APPLICATION: We are so often satisfied to live an ordinary life, and never seek to be more than average. The Lord has created each of us with a unique calling and purpose, which we can only embrace through His power within a relationship with Him. When Susan discovered who she really was, she couldn’t go back.

--Monsters versus Aliens, Chapters 21-22, 1:17:40 to 1:19:35. Copy write 2009 DreamWorks Animation LLC

Ephesians 2:10 (CEV) “God planned for us to do good things and to live as he has always wanted us to live. That's why he sent Christ to make us what we are.”

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