Florida Court to Pay for Neo-Nazi's 'Makeover'

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A Florida court has agreed to pay $150 a day for a makeup artist to cover up a defendant's offensive tattoos throughout his trial, reported.

John Ditullio, 23, faces first degree murder and attempted murder charges. His trial begins on Monday.

Ditullio obtained several new tattoos since his arrest in 2006.

"They're covering up tattoos on both sides of the neck. They're covering up a barbed wire tattoo across the face," said Bjorn Brunvand, Ditullio's defense attorney, according to

Ditullio has a barbed wire tattoo on his head and an offensive expletive and Neo-Nazi symbol on his neck.

"When you have offensive tattoos people are going to judge you. It wouldn't be fair to judge him because the trial should be about the facts, not about tattoos," said Brunvand.

The prosecution has argued that covering up his tattoos would mean the court is helping to conceal Ditullio's Neo-Nazi identity, which they argue was a motivating force in leading him to commit the crime for which he is being charged, the Web site reported.

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