Jonah...The Reluctant Preacher

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Here is a study outline for the Book of Jonah. I offer it as an incentive for you to dig into God's Word and discover the timely lessons from this great and tragic character. I can relate to Jonah on so many levels. On one hand, I believe in God, but on the other hand I don't always want to obey Him. Often my compassion for the lost who need to hear the Gospel wanes in the presence of my personal prejudices and fears. As you study this book, ask God to show you more of His heart for the lost than you are accustomed to noticing. After all, this book is not about a great fish; it is about our great God who is patient, merciful, and loving (with lost sinners and wayward preachers)! Let us resolve to be reluctant preachers of the Gospel no longer!


I. The Right Word and the Wrong Way (1:1-17)

A. Jonah is Commissioned (1:12)

B. Jonah is Disobedient (1:3)

C. Jonah is Chastened (1:4-17)

II. A Dark Place and a Desperate Prayer (2:1-10)

A. Jonah is Repentant (2:1-9)

B. Jonah is Delivered (2:10)

III. A Second Chance and a Saved City (3:1-10)

A. Jonah is Re-commissioned (3:1-2)

B. Jonah is Obedient (3:3-4)

C. Nineveh is Repentant (3:5-9)

D. Nineveh is Delivered (3:10)

IV. A Pouting Preacher and a Gracious God (4:1-11)

A. Jonah is Displeased (4:1-5)

B. Jonah is Disciplined (4:6-8)

C. Jonah is Discipled (4:10-11)

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