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Text: John 15:5


     Are you satisfied with your relationship with God?  Are you looking for more?  Hopefully all of us want more in our relationship with God.  Since He promises abundant life, there is probably more to experience than what each of us are discovering.  The goal of this series is to discern when God is speaking to you, identify His activity in your life, and experience God doing through you what only He can do.  To tap into our awesome God, we must believe God to be who He says He is and that He can do everything He promises.  For apart from a sincere faith in Him, we can do nothing.  Read text.

     Mother Theresa once wanted to build an orphanage, but she had only three dollars.  Someone scoffed at her saying, “What can you do to build an orphanage with only three dollars?”  Her answer was, “Theresa with three dollars can do nothing, but with three dollars and God to help her, there is nothing that Theresa cannot do!”

     We need God involved in our life if you and I are going to make an impact.

1.      When you seek God’s will for your life, which of these three questions do you ask?
- Lord, what do you want me to do?
- When do you want me to do it?
- How do I do it?
- Where do you want me to go?
- Who do you want me to speak to?
Or do you trust Him enough to say, “Lord, just tell me what to do one step at a time and I will do it.”

2.      Do you think God is offended when we secretly think in our heart, “Lord, give me a detailed road map where I’m to go, what it’s going to be like, and then I’ll decide if that’s what I want to do.”?       What’s wrong with this?

3.      Jn. 14:6  In this passage does God promise to show us all the roadmap on the way?       What does it say?
Insight: Since He is the way, He knows the way…we just need to follow Him.  The soul that will do this will experience a new freedom like you’ve never known, because worry won’t dominate your day and rob your sleep at night.

4.      How did Abraham walk by faith and not by sight as shown in Gen. 12:1-4?       Do you think Abraham could have left a day sooner if he didn’t have to convince his wife?
Insight: Verse 4 should be our motto: “Abraham went forth as the Lord told him.”  God is more likely to call you to follow one day at a time than He is to spell out the details before you begin to obey!

5.      Matt. 6:33-34  Be completely open and honest…is there anything in those verses you struggle with to obey?       Do you think it’s important to comply with those verses to live the abundant life God has prepared for us to live?

6.      A naval chaplain kept a record of the worries of those that sought his counsel through the years and put them into 5 categories.
- Worries about things that never happened.  40%
- Worries about decisions already made and not changeable.  30%
- Worries about sickness that never came.  12%
- Worries about children and friends, forgetting that they were able to help themselves.  10%
- Worries about real problems.  8%
Conclusion: 92% of our worries are needless!
What would it take for you to trust God to run your life one day at a time?

7.      Respond to this statement:  “The wrong question is what is God’s will for my life…the right question is what is God’s will.”       What is the difference between these two thoughts?

8.      How did Jesus know what to do during His unique ministry on earth according to Jn. 5:17, 19
Insight: Walking in the center of God’s will only requires that we watch to see where God is working and join Him!

9.      Do you find it easier to see God working in other people’s lives than you do in your own life?       Why is that?

10.  Who is the instructor in knowing when and where God is working?  (The Holy Spirit.)


     What is God saying to your right now?       What is His voice in your heart prompting you to do?

     I have an idea that if we quiet our worries and tune into the Holy Spirit, some changes might be in order.  The willingness to submit is where the battle line is drawn.

     Think of what God can do with just one person who is determined to be wholly devoted to doing God’s will.

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