Finding the Wisdom Needed to Face Life's Challenges

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Text:  James 1:5-11


            At what age do you finally accrue the wisdom you need to answer all of life’s questions?  Does age have a direct correlation to wisdom?  What else is needed to gain wisdom besides life-experiences that come with age?

            At what age was Jesus when he amazed the spiritual teachers of His day?  Lk. 2:42-47  Is the resource available for us that Jesus had to be wise?  That’s what this lesson is all about.

1.      In what way do trials bring wisdom?  (It’s the school of hard knocks that teach us what to do or not do the next time we face a similar situation.)

2.      Why is it important to ask for wisdom when going through a trial?  (Pain, emotion and grief can distort our sight.)

3.      What would you call the person who doesn’t learn from past experiences?  Prov. 10:23; 14:16

4.      If we lack the wisdom needed to make decisions, where does James say we should turn?  (God)    Where does the unbeliever often turn to for wisdom?

5.      What’s the difference between godly wisdom and worldly wisdom?

6.      What’s the correlation between wisdom, knowledge and understanding?  (Wisdom is knowledge plus understanding; knowledge without understanding is a fool.)  Prov. 18:2

7.      What’s the trap for the one who stubbornly rejects all advise and tries to work things out on their own?  Prov. 12:15; 28:26

8.      Is there a better source for wisdom than God?  Is God stingy when granting His wisdom to others?  (1:5)

9.      What is the condition by which we must ask for wisdom according to 1:6?  How does that condition affect the outcome?  (Doubt makes you bob up and down like a cork on the waves, vacillating between one answer and another.)

10.  Is there a parallel between “doubting” and “unstable” in verses 6 & 8?  If so, what?    How is doubting like a sea wave?

11.  V. 9  How can a person of humble circumstances have a high position?  (To understand this we must take it in its context of the man going through trials.  The person in the midst of trials for his faith indeed DOES have a high position in God’s estimation.  Job 2:1-3)

12.  How can a rich man be a man of humiliation?  1:10  (The humility comes from “easy come, easy go” of money…they may find themselves poor tomorrow…like grass and flowers scorched by one hot day in the sun.)    How fast can riches disappear?

13.  Why should a man not put his confidence in riches?  Prov. 11:28; 27:24    Look at the role reversal in Prov. 22:4 and explain why things are reversed?

14.  When it comes to wealth, what should be out attitude?  Prov. 30:8-9 

15.  What’s the peril of great riches?  (A false sense of security, plus thinking I am self-sufficient and don’t need God.)


            Man is a fool to look for wisdom from anywhere other than the source…God

            Man is a fool to put all his trust in wealth.

            Man is wise only if he puts his trust in things which he cannot lose.  Only God can provide things that last forever!!

            Application:  Where are you putting your trust?  How is it evidenced?  How do those observing your life know where you put your trust?

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