It's Friday, But Sunday's Coming

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Text:  Matthew 27:33-54

     It’s Friday.  Jesus has been nailed to the cross.  He’s dead.  He’s gone.  Life is no more.  But that’s Friday!

     It’s Friday.  Mary is crying her eyes out.  The disciples have lost hope.  Their leader has been taken away and put to death.  They are running in every direction like sheep without a shepherd.  There’s no hope.  That’s Friday…but Sunday’s coming!

     It’s Friday.  Pilate, warned by his wife to have nothing to do with Jesus, washes his hands to be free of guilt.  The Pharisees have destroyed the One who exposed their hypocrisy.  The Roman soldiers are strutting around with their spears because Jesus is now dead.  But that’s Friday…and Sunday’s coming!

     It’s Friday.  Satan is celebrating and the forces of darkness are rejoicing.  They increase their efforts of making people suffer, leaving them hopeless in despair.  They’re in control.  That’s because it’s Friday…but Sunday’s coming!

     It’s Friday.  Satan’s dancing his little jig, and he thinks he rules the world.  All power is at his command.  The governments and businesses now do his work.  That’s because it’s Friday…he doesn’t know what will happen at Sunday’s dawn!

     There are three kinds of people in this world: There’s Friday people, Saturday people, and Sunday people.

Friday People

¨       Friday people sand at the foot of the cross and jeer, “If you are the Son of God, come down and save yourself!”

¨       Friday people are the power doubters.  They have no hope and live in darkness because they do not believe Jesus is the Son of God.

¨       Friday people reject Jesus as their Savior.

Saturday People

¨       Saturday people hear about the events on Friday, but have gone back home…back to their old lifestyle.  They want a reigning Messiah, not a dying Messiah!

¨       Saturday people hear the news of what Jesus did for us at the cross, but they disbelieve.

¨       Saturday people sleep in late…because the S-O-N has not risen in their hearts!

Sunday People

¨       People, the Gospel didn’t end on Friday or Saturday.  The Gospel is the good news of what happened on Sunday!

¨       Sunday people are those who are awakened at dawn!  They too were shaken by the mighty hand of God that rolled away the stone as the risen Savior walked into their heart!

¨       Sunday people radiate!  Because their sins have been forgiven!

¨       Sunday people are happy!  Because their Savior has given them a victorious life!


     Sunday people are the people of God!  Beloved, we are called to invade our society with the transforming, victorious Gospel of Jesus Christ!

     Sunday people know God has the power to put Satan on his knees!  God has the power to change wrecked lives into something beautiful!

     People, THIS is the ultimate message of our faith: We are those with GOOD NEWS!  And the Good News is this:  FRIDAY HAS PAST…AND SUNDAY HAS COME!!

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