The Limitations of Satan

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1.      He is limited in authority
Job 1 & 2; Lk. 22:31

2.      He is limited in knowledge
Only God is omniscient

3.      He is limited in power
Only God is omnipotent
Dan. 10:13; 1 John 4:4; 2 Ki. 6:16

4.      He is limited in presence
Only God is omnipresent

“Fear not” Scripture promises:

Isa. 35:4;  41:10,13;  43:1,5;  44:8;  54:4

   Limitations of Satan Today, people continue to concretize their fears. They want a scapegoat to deliver them from responsibility. Satan is a created, rebellious and tempting evil power active in the universe, but his powerful existence does not exclude a person from responsibility. Satan and the demonic forces cannot dominate or possess us except by our own consent. Believers will not be tempted beyond our power of resistance (1 Cor. 10:13). The power of Satan is limited. He acts within the limits set by divine sovereignty. The believer has God's armor--the biblical gospel, integrity, peace through Christ, faith in Christ, prayer--as spiritual security (Eph. 6:11-18).

    The recent fascination with Satan and demons is in reaction to an earlier disbelief. Christians should beware of excessive gullibility as well as extreme oversimplification. Knowledge about Satan and evil angels alerts Christians to the danger and subtlety of satanic temptation. We should not become too absorbed in satanic forces. Satan and demonic forces are active, but they are limited. We must remember that the main thrust of Christianity is on the availability of God's power and love in Jesus Christ and the Spirit.

John P. Newport

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