A Spiritual Warfare Prayer for a Lost Loved One

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Ralph Sorter

            Heavenly Father, I bring before You one who is very dear to You and me, __________________.  I have come to see that Satan is blinding and binding them in darkness.  They are in such a condition that they cannot will not come to You for salvation on their own.  I draw upon the Holy Spirit that He may guide me to pray in wisdom, power, and understanding.

            In the name of the Lord Jesus, I ask You to loose __________ from the awful bondage the powers of darkness are putting upon them.  I plead the blood of Jesus to bind all powers of darkness set on destroying their life.  Jesus, forbid them to work.  I cry for You to bind up all powers that are seeking to cut __________ off from the grace of God and imprison them in a tomb of doubt or rejection.  I am pleading the work of Jesus directly upon __________ to their strengthening and help.  Compassionate Father, bring the power of my Lord’s crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and glorification directly against all forces of darkness seeking to destroy ___________.

            I pray Heavenly Father, that You will open ___________’s eyes of understanding.  Remove all blindness and spiritual deafness from their heart.  I intercede as one who loves them, but no greater than Your own love for them, thus I plead Your mercy over their sins of rejection and rebellion.  Jesus, unite their life together with Your love, and bring them to obedient service to Your call.  May the Spirit of the Living God focus Your work upon _________ to grant them repentance and set them completely free from all that binds them. 

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I thank You for Your answer.  Grant me the grace to be persistent and faithful in my intercession for ___________, that You may be glorified through their salvation.  I plead this prayer in the name of Jesus.  Amen.

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