A Mother's Grief

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Jane’s Poem, by Ralph Sorter

Oh, grief’s pain, be forever gone

You rob my strength

My only child has been taken away

The cruelty of cancer, the thief

By day I find moments of peace

But by night, I bury my face in the pillow of grief

The stabbing pain seems to come and go

Yet the One who rebukes my storm remains by my side

You, too, Holy Father, are acquainted with grief

Pain’s knife also pierced Your heart

As Your only child hung from the cross

The cruelty of sin, the thief

When dark clouds folded the sky

The ground shook for the One it must bury

You turned Your face, for You could not look

At the sin He bore so that I might be free

You who buried Your face in Your hands

Understand when I bury mine

For a brief moment in eternity’s time

Your Son was alone so that I would never be

But the peace I seek comes to stay

When the truth heals this wrenching heart

That the same resurrection that brought return of Your Son

Is my promise too…so I can embrace her once again

Fly away grief, be forever gone

Fly away Alex, to your eternal home

Fix your eyes on the Gate

I won’t be far behind

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