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Romans 1: 1 - 7

It is clear that Paul considers itself a servant of Jesus Christ.  Not because he chose that position, or he chose to be an apostle, but rather that he was called.  And being called implies that you are then set apart for service.  An in verse two Paul immediately goes to confirm that the gospel is about the son of God, who is truly human and truly God.  In the verse five Paul reflects that it is his very Jesus who makes clear that our purpose now is to call others to faith.  In verse seven, he completes the thought that just as he was called to be an apostle, we also are called to be saints.

In verse 11.  Paul speaks on most beautiful thought, that reflects our goal is believers, that we may be mutually encouraged by each others faith.  Paul makes it very clear that our encouragement is not so we feel good but that results may occur such as others coming to Christ.

Now in verse 14 Paul makes clear that the gospel God  promised before hand through his prophets was for all people.  Although it started for the Jews it was not remain with the Jews.  In the gospel you receive from God brings about your righteousness, and that righteousness and is the very reason you are called  saints.

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