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Wednesday Communion 1 May 2002: John 14:15-21

Jesus’ teaching on Holy Spirit  Last Supper, night before he dies

Disciples’ anxious, fear. Jesus 3 years, now losing him. (bereavement)


ANOTHER Counsellor

Paraclete – stands along side


speaks up for


same job Jesus has been doing but inside them

someone else. but intimately related to Jesus

Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus

v18-19a, 20b [Holy Sp scary, mysterious??]

!! He won’t in fact leave them!

Disciples’ problem with Jesus 3 years- afraid of losing him

 Comfort he won’t leave them!

Our problem is that we’ve never seen Jesus!

Holy Spirit promised to us to. But because we’ve never seen J hard to grasp radical nature.

v19b “Because I live, you also will live”.

!!!!! Jn 20:19-22

RISEN Jesus breathes “Receive Holy Spirit”

 his very life.

 Jesus people.

Risen Jesus  power, new life.

Crucified Jesus (wounds)  Christian calling life of suffering and servant

Christ stands with us today. “Peace be with you!”

Breathes on us and asks us to receive his Spirit.

Calls us to the follow in his footsteps, risen but crucified.

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