Where Is Elijah's God?

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2nd Kings 2:1-18


            Elijah the prophet of God had seen and done many wonderful things.  He had confronted kings and false prophets with the word and will of God and his life was constantly at risk for the things he said and did.  Elijah’s time on earth was coming to an end.  For reasons of His own, God had determined to remove Elijah in a dramatic way.  At this time, there were schools of prophets at many of the major cities.  These prophets may have been students of Elijah.  Somehow these men had received word that Elijah was leaving the earth on a particular day.  They  approached Elisha, Elijah’s protégé, and asked him whether he knew what events were about to transpire.

            Elisha had been chosen by God to carry on the work of Elijah.  It seems to me that Elijah and the other prophets of the day may have resented the presence of the younger man.  I say this based upon Elisha’s initial calling (Elijah got short with him) and upon the events we have just read about.  Elijah attempted to send Elisha away on three occasions.  The younger man refused to leave declaring his intention to stay with his mentor until the very end.  At every stop, Elisha was confronted by the region’s prophets and asked if he knew what was to happen that day. 

            Crossing Jordan, Elijah asked the younger man his heart’s desire.  Perhaps Elisha knew his own shortcomings better than any one else for he asked a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.  It was not within Elijah’s power to grant such a request; nevertheless, he promised that if God allowed Elisha to see the manner of Elijah’s departure then he would be given his request.  A short time later, Elisha watched as Elijah was swept away by a chariot of fire and then was transported into heaven by a mighty whirlwind.

            Elisha took up Elijah’s cloak and went straight way to the Jordan.  Striking the water, Elisha cried, “Where is Elijah’s God?”  The waters parted and the prophet walked across on the dry riverbed.  Many people are afraid to be labeled old fashioned.  Not me, when it comes to God I want the old time God of my fathers.  I want the God of Elijah!


I.                    A Prayerful Question, “Where Is Elijah’s God?”


A.    The almighty, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God of Elijah

1.      Creator and friend of man

2.      Planner and sovereign of the universe

B.     The God that kept him faithful in hard times will keep us faithful no matter what comes – even death

C.    The God that raised the dead by him will enable us to raise those dead in sin

D.    The God that fed him in the wilderness will fit us for the journey through life

E.     The God that parted the river for him will not fail us when we cross Chilly Jordan


II.                 An Answer To Our Prayer, “He Has Not Abandoned His People”


A.    He is still alive in our work

1.      His plan is bearing fruit even today

2.      He knows His people though they scatter to the four winds

B.     His power may still be tapped

1.      To bless a thirsty land

2.      To heal a broken spirit or burdened soul

3.      He is still moved by the needs of His people

C.    He still encourages and equips us to stand faithful though everyone else worship Baal

D.    Listen for the wheels of the chariot – He returns!

1.      To escort us to the Wedding Feast

2.      How wonderful to tell others about Him


When we pray let us ask as did Elisha for a double portion of Elijah’s spirit.

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