Barabas' Thoughts

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Text:  Matt. 27:15-23

            I wonder what Barabas thought the afternoon of the resurrection.  He was absolutely guilty, and the man who took his place was absolutely innocent.  It probably didn’t strike Barabas who Jesus was until after His resurrection.

            Such news would have traveled fast in Jerusalem.  Maybe he was sitting in an obscure room with his seedy friends when someone came running in and shouted, “The Nazarene has risen!  He’s come back to life!  He really is the Son of God!”

            Here he was celebrated his undeserved freedom, but when he realized who it was that died in his place, it sunk in that the Son of God took the cross he should have born.  I wonder what Barabas was thinking.

            What are you thinking about the man who took your place on the cross?  Just like Barabas, you are absolutely guilty.  You deserve to die like a notorious sinner, but He took your place.

            So, now I ask you the same question Pilate asked the crowd, “Then what shall I do with Jesus who is called the Christ?”  What will YOU do with Him?!

            You will either shout, “Go ahead and crucify Him,” or you will cry a prayer of deep gratitude that He took your place!

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