God Drew a Curtain Over the Sun

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Text:  Matthew 2:39-50

            Like most children of 5 or 6 years old, I, too, was afraid of the dark.  I would rather take a scolding for wetting the bed than putting my feet on the floor.  You see, I believed there were poisonous snakes under my bed.

            Then there was the basement.  Poor lighting, dirty open caverns at the bottom of the stairs that went back under the house.  Those caverns were the homes of the mean, black gorillas.  I’d only go down there in the daytime.

            You laugh, but I bet if you would be honest, you would remember some fears too.  Some of them back in your childhood…some of them as recent as last nightWhat was it that took your fears away?  For me, my fear of the dark left when I discovered that God intentionally made it dark when his Son needed Him the most!

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            When Mom heard me whimpering, afraid to get out of bed because of the dark, she came and carried me to the bathroom.  When I was afraid to go down into the basement, she gave me a flashlight.  When the world was cruel to Jesus…God drew a curtain over the sun!

            Let me share with you some possibilities as to why.  Listen carefully…it may help you with your fears too.

  1. To allow God to deal with Christ alone as He bore our sins.
  2. To impress the crowd that from their perspective, they had come very close to putting out the Light of the World.
  3. To provide a lasting reminder of the fact that something infinitely unusual and awesome had just taken place.

Something almost incomprehensible happened in that darkness.  I don’t fully understand it.  But I know that when God draws a curtain of darkness, He does so to take care of something that can happen no other way.  For it is in the dark, when the light no longer gives aid to the eye, that God is just an outstretched-hand away.

And it’s just like God, after drawing a curtain of darkness on Friday, to cause a gloriously bright S-O-N to rise on Sunday!


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