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My Debt Nailed to the Cross

Notes & Transcripts


Text:  Colossians 2:13-14

            I hate debt!  I don’t suppose any of you know what that’s about?!     Debts stack up every month:  Municipal bill, Pacific Bell, Satellite TV, State Farm, Mortgage Payment, cell phone, doctor bill, dentist bill, credit card, credit card, credit card…   I even owe the State of Oregon a $1,000 for the trees just to print my monthly bills!

            Do you know how much that weighs on me?  The weight of debt is very heavy!

            I’m just glad I didn’t live back when Wells Fargo was just getting started.  If you were long past due on a payment, they came to your house and nailed a sign to your door: “Past Due!  Repossessed!”

            (Hold up picture album.)  You know what this is don’t you?  It’s God’s record book of my sins!  Don’t laugh…you should see yours! 

            (Leaf through the pages.)  Oh, I remember that one!     God, You say that one?!     And You kept track of all the times I did that one?!     Oh, my!  How am I ever going to pay for all these sins?!!!!  This debt is too much to bare!!!

            (Hold up sign: “Certificate of debt!”)  Read Text

            Without a CANCELLATION of debt, all of us are dead in our tracks!


            God nailed our certificate of debt to a tree on Calvary…but the nails first went through the flesh of His only Son!

            Jesus was saying to Satan, “If you want to see their certificate of debt, you are going to have to go through Me first!     Those debts belong to Me, because I paid for them in blood!”

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