Don't Entertain Evil

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Proposition: We must not consider any act that is contrary to will of God. We must let the world know our stance as quickly as possible.

Introduction: Background

  • The exile
  • The dream
  • The Statue

I. The Conflict

A. Bow Down or Die

They were asked to make a decision to bow down and worship the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream.

If they would not bow down and worship the image then they would be thrown in the fiery furnace

B. How do we face these conflicts today

  1. Peer pressures
    Our friends may ask us to do things that are contrary what the will of God
    a. drugs and alcohol
    b. sex
    c. language
    d. recreational activities (games)
  2. Occupational pressures
    Our employer may ask us to do things that are contrary to God's standards

II. The Address

A. They Addressed the king

B. Our address in times o f spiritual conflict

  1. Who do we address
    a. Those who need the explanation of where you stand
        1. Complaining to others will not help to communicate your stance to those who are asking you to do things that are contrary to God's will.
  2. When do we address them
    a. As soon as it is appropriate
        1. We can tell our friends immediately in most cases.
        2. There may be a need to wait if there is a crowd and you don't want to cause embarrassment
        3. There may also be a delay if you have to wait for a meeting with supervisors or officers.
  3. How do we address them
    a. Firmly, but respectfully
        1. We need to communicate our stance with certainty. If we waver we may be asked to compromise.
        2. There is no need to disrespect the person or their authority when communicating our stance.
  4. Why do we address them
    a. We don't want to mislead others who may invest their time, emotions, or resources on a misunderstanding.
    b. We want set the situation straight in order to end any game or test.

III. The Answer

A. "We don't need to answer you, king"

  1. They did not need time to consider the king's offer
  2. Their mind had aready been made up

B. Why they were so firm

  1. They knew God's will before the trial
  2. They Trusted God with their life
  3. They were willing to loose their life to stay loyal to God

C. How can we have this same conviction


    • The balance of this event
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