God is Love

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  1. Looking for Love
          • We are all looking for love - to know we are loved
              • The foundation of our esteem, identity, and self-worth
          • Too often, we look for love in the wrong places
              • We fill ourselves with the fleeting and momentary affections of this world that we think will satisfy the longing of our soul – then when they don’t, we drown ourselves in more of the shallow things of this world to make ourselves immune to the pain
  2. Finding true love
          • Love is from God
                • Coming out of God - From him, belonging to him
                • God’s greatest gift to us is his love
                • If you love it is because God first loved you and you have been born again by the love of God
          • God is love
              • God’s will and work come together in love
              • The supreme expression of God’s goodness is still, however, the amazing grace and inexpressible love that shows kindness by saving sinners who deserve only condemnation: saving them, moreover, at the tremendous cost of Christ’s death on Calvary (J.I. Packer)
          • The Satisfying love of God - His love is unfailing, steadfast, unending, majestic, supremely satisfying, soul strengthening, identity giving, sin cleansing, fear removing, darkness dispelling love
              • This love so satisfies our very being that it overflows from us in our love for one another.
              • Will you not be satisfied with the love of Christ that satisfied the wrath of God? (John Piper)
  3. Settling for good when great has been offered
        • The love this world offers is incomparable to the greatness of the love that comes from God, incomparable to the love with which the father has loved us, incomparable to the love we know in Christ Jesus
        • Have you known this love? You can find it today.
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