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A recent analysis of Internet trends found that though most Americans trust the information displayed on their computers, they have to beware of new risks. A look at online threats during the second half of 2009 showed that 81 percent of email was rigged to deliver “malicious” code and 95 percent of comments posted on blogs or chat forums were spam or links to nasty payloads. Research manager for Websense, Stephan Chenette said attackers have begun following real-time news events to manipulate search engines in order to direct people to bogus websites.

The analysis found the number of malicious websites more than doubled between 2008 and 2009. The study also found many hackers are planting viruses on websites people have grown to trust. 71 percent of the websites found to have malware were legitimate sites than had been compromised without the operator’s knowledge. Chenette said the new tactics used by hackers is changing the computer world. He added,” It’s almost as if you can’t trust the sites you know.”

--Hackers rigging blogs, email, websites:Websense,

http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5hPVZQPaGLpaBC18JiX0x1uRipkMQ ; February 4, 2010. Illustration by Jim L. Wilson and Jim Sandell

Matthew 10:16 (NIV) “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.”

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