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The President's Cat

Notes & Transcripts

I read that President Calvin Coolidge invited some people from his hometown to dinner at the White House. Since they did not know how to behave at the White House, they thought, “Well, I’ll just watch the president and do what he does.

Things went ok until it came time to serve coffee. When President Coolidge’s coffee came, he poured it into a saucer. As soon as the home folk saw what he did, they did it too: They poured their coffee into their saucers. They kept watching as the President poured some milk and a little sugar into the coffee in his saucer. The home folks added milk and sugar too. They thought for sure that the next step would be for the President to begin sipping that coffee concoction from his saucer. But he didn’t do that. No, He leaned over, placed the saucer on the floor and called his cat.

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