What's Your Excuse?

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What's Your Excuse?

Romans 2:1-11             August 12, 2001

Scripture Reading:


My two tickets recently: Skokie Lagoons and the Aquarium.

I thought I had a good excuse, but they threw the book at me.

I have been extra careful ever since.

Big Question:

What excuse can we find to exempt us from the wrath of God upon mankind?

We think we can be excused if we judge those who sin like God does.

          But the truth is that we are no different than they are.

          And the mandate is that we should live in continual repentance.

          But the problem is that we are too stubborn to do so.

          And the result is that all who disobey will see the wrath of God.

                   The wrath of God is impartial and inescapable in regard to sin.

                             Those who persist in good will receive life.

                             Those who persist in evil will receive anger.

                                      Evil brings trouble and distress (universal principal).

                                      Good brings glory, honor and peace (universal principal).

The only solution to the wrath of God for every person without exception is to persist in repentance toward righteousness since God is impartial in his condemnation of sin.

What's your excuse?

Our only acceptable excuse is that we have none.

And when we can live beyond excuse, we will then bear responsibility toward change by the grace of God.

If we will judge those who sin like God does, then we will judge ourselves accordingly and stop sinning.

Paul desires that this congregation grow in regard to their salvation, and so he begins his gospel here with some heavy weeding and hoeing.

He is preparing them for his arrival when he will personally harvest from the faith he is now cultivating.

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