Ruth – A Model of Our Salvation (developing a relationship with Jesus)

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Ruth – A Model of Our Salvation (developing a relationship with Jesus)

April 10, 2005


Scripture Reading:


I read Ruth to my mother in NICU. I want to share with you what I have seen.

Context in the time of the Judges.

Ruth stands out as a model of our salvation.

(She stands out like the Canaanite woman, Rahab, in Joshua.)

Origin of Moabites and where located (Gen. 19:36-37).

Limitation on Moabites in the assembly of the Lord (Dt. 23:3).

Redemption is a key concept in Ruth, occurring 23 times in the book.

Big Question:

What can we learn from Ruth about our journey to Jesus?

It is my hope that this message on Ruth will compel you to see it in a new and deeper sense. This is much more than a nice, simple story. It is full of meaning. Ruth is us. Boaz is Jesus. This is the process of faith and devotion that bring us to a saving relationship with him.

Chapter One; Ruth honors Naomi and her God

5Most people are on a search to better their lives, but some form of tragedy during this search is likely to beset many of us.

9On our journey to Jesus, we will be tempted by the world, and even our own relatives, to turn back for our own good, even with blessing.

14Ruth made a choice to care more for the welfare of others than for her own.

16Whenever we make a selfless choice for the right reasons, we choose God.

17Ruth had seen the difference, felt the call, was moved by the destiny that could be hers. She decided to cling to the promise of Jesus.

18We must be sure when we follow Jesus.

20Following Jesus is no guarantee of a life free of pain, but it is a promise of a life full of purpose.

21Take note of Naomi’s complaining. It is Ruth that has and will bless her. We are so often shamed in our complaining because it is often on the verge of some great work of God in our lives (the barley harvest).

Chapter Two; Ruth meets God’s man

2When we are willing to serve with our lives, God leads us to his provision.

5God notices those whose desire to serve precedes them (Ruth was a tireless worker).

8God provides for those whose desire to serve.

9God protects those whose desire is to serve.

10We are all foreigners, aliens and strangers, who have lost their way to God and hopefully are trying to find it again. We want God to notice us, and when he does, it drives us to worship (David – Ballet Magnificat).

12God responds to our worship in faith with blessing.

13-14Our humility will lead us to his table (communion) where we will be filled to overflowing.

15God will never embarrass us with his bounty – he is sensitive to our need to participate in the work, but we see here that it is he that enables it.

18God’s people are generous with what God provides.

20God’s kindness through us can melt again the heart of the complainer to see the goodness of God. His identity is revealed to us (redeemer) in his goodness.

Chapter Three; Ruth submits to God’s man

3The first step in our preparation to come to Jesus is to clean ourselves up as a presentable living sacrifice (Rom. 12:1). But actually, it is he that has already cleaned us up through his developing relationship (‘you are already clean’).

4We come humbly to his feet (in worship) and wait for him to direct us (like the woman who wiped Jesus feet with her hair – Ballet Magnificat). Jesus is touchable.

9Because he has been developing a relationship with us as his servant all along, we can be bold in our request of him to ‘cover us’ (save us). We have claimed him as our kinsman-redeemer. We have desired to carry this relationship to the next level and he embraces it.

10-11He will bless us because we have not run after the world or our own lustful desires (‘how I long to cover you’). As our Savior, he will do what we ask of him in faith.

15He will even do more than all we ask or imagine.

18We can know God because he is trustworthy.

Chapter Four:1-12; Ruth marries God’s man

1Our kinsman redeemer will go to the Father on our behalf to plead our case and claim us for his very own (1Tim. 2:5).

6God the Father cannot look upon sin but has entrusted this to the Son to make all things right before him.

8We have been purchased by the sacrifice of Christ.

9-10We now have an inheritance before all the people and our name will not be erased from his book. What was lost has been regained, with title insurance.

11What comes from our redemption will be earth-shaking.

Chapter Four:13-22; Ruth has God’s child

13Through our relationship with Jesus, he is birthed in us to new life (Act 16:31).

18We have become the line of Jesus on earth (Mt. 1 geneology).

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