Jesus' prayer for you

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Jesus’ Prayer For You


Do you know your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ prayed for you and me? He always prays for others especially for His believers.

We called this prayer as “High Priestly Prayer.” We can read it in 17th chapter of John’s Gospel.

Why He prayed for us? We are in this world, and we are the victims of Satan and evil people.

He wants us to strengthen with the power of God to face trials and tribulations of this world.

Protect Them from Evil:

We believers of Christ still in the world and the world hate us. As the world killed Jesus, our Lord it would also persecute us. It persecuted His disciples and killed them.

Jesus did not ask God for our security from the persecution but He asked God to protect us from all kinds of evil.

Jesus knows we will get reward through persecutions. We need it for the Glory of God and to spread the Gospel throughout the world. (Matthew 5:12; 1Thessalonians 2:15)

We should be protected from the Satan not to fall in his hands and to be destroyed from our spiritual journey.

Satan wants to destroy us by stopping to reach our goal of Salvation.

Through the commitment to our Baptism, we will win Satan in this battle, because we are protected by the work of Holy Spirit in our lives.

Sanctify Them with Your Word:

God’s word is truth. We should always keep His word in us so that we always sanctify by it.

Our lives are separated by His word and out lives are changed into the purity.

Our behavior towards world is changed and our speech should be changed according to the word of God. We do no harm to any one, and even we will love our enemies.

Romans 15:16, we are sanctified by the Holy Spirit; who came to this world on the Day of Pentecost.

We are separated for the Gospel of Christ through the Spirit of God.

Unite them in one Faith:

After we separated from the world as the children of God through faith in Jesus Christ, we have come to one fellowship of believers: The body of Christ.

Christ is the true vine we are all his branches. We must stay with Him in one faith.

We are united through the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

Ephesians 2:4: Christ united us by destroying the barriers of wells: race, color, caste, rich, poor and we all became one in Christ.

We, believers of Christ, are united as the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit are united as one God: One mind, one essence and one matter.


In this High priestly prayer, Jesus prayed for you and me so that we could stay in Him through the one faith and one baptism.

We have been protected by the power of God from the evil and we are sanctified by the Word of God. Amen.

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